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Wiawaka Center for Women enriches, inspires and celebrates the growth of women through unique and relevant programming at a natural and peaceful setting.

Featured Retreat

Every Woman A Goddess
August 25-28, 2017

67339ee0345d7ddea67de85aed0c332aExhausted or over-whelmed from the stress of your life? This life-affirming retreat will restore your peace, renew your spirit, and help you reconnect to the love, joy and sacred soul that lives inside you. Compassionate yoga and meditation teacher, Pam Medina E-RYT, guides you through healing yoga, clarifying journaling, relaxing meditations, awakening of sisterhood and playfulness to nurture our inner child. Enjoy empowering ceremonies; filled with celebratory singing, chanting, drumming, dancing and silliness to rekindle your heart, laugh from your core, and feel the rejuvenating power of our Earth Mother. This 3 night/4 day, refreshing spiritual retreat provides plenty of down time to rest and enjoy the blessed waters and glorious mountain views of Lake George. Reawaken your true life’s purpose. Remember you are divine. You are powerful. You are loved. You are deserving of health, happiness, and comfort. You are a goddess.  Click for Details