Capital Improvements

IMG_0033We are blessed at Wiawaka with a handful of historic buildings that house guests, programs and meals.  As with any historic structure, there is a great deal of care and maintenance that must take place.  At times, major projects must be completed as well (i.e. Fuller Roof Repair, Dock rebuild).  With this responsibility comes a great expense and we continually  look for ways to raise the funds to maintain our historic property. In addition, we are excited to see growth at Wiawaka but know that we need to add more program space and a more suitable kitchen and dining facility. Our Board and staff are forward thinking and meet regularly to discuss capital improvements and expansion.  Please take a few minutes to look over our current restoration projects.



Dock Replacement – $130,000

Wiawaka’s heritage is a colorful blend of art and history. Today, its legacy continues to honor the “spirit of women” true to its translated namesake. Each summer, thousands of women discover or return to capture the respite, relaxation and personal enrichment that is at the core of Wiawaka tradition.  The boathouse dock has been a place for guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful waters of Lake George.

On May 31st Wiawaka’s beloved dock was damaged by high winds and waves.  This popular gathering place for our guests and programs has virtually been destroyed and only a small portion is usable. Engineers determine that a full replacement is necessary.

Our cost estimate is based on the type of construction (a crib type) requiring a significant amount of both demolition and construction underwater.   It is not simply a floating dock.   It is preferable to replace the dock in-kind since it is the foundation for our boathouse, which is on the National Historic Register.  Essentially, if the dock is not replaced similarly, it will not last, nor will the boathouse. The cost includes the work required to preserve the boathouse during construction, remove the entire old dock, and then reconstruct the cribbing down to the lake bottom (approximately 8-10′ below the dock surface).  Finally, the dock will be constructed atop the cribbing, and the boathouse replaced.
Additionally we plan to add agitators under the dock to keep ice from forming (and electrical wiring to support their power needs), pilings on the lakeside of the dock to help withstand the spring ice-out, and a deck made out of composite materials that will not rot and are easily removed and reinstalled to facilitate annual inspections to ensure the cribbing is intact.

There are a number of fundraising events are happening this fall specifically for this project. Please consider attending one or all of them!  Donations may also be made specifically for the dock project. You can mail a check to Wiawaka Dock Fund, 3778 Route 9L, Lake George, NY 12845




Volunteers Always Needed
There are many small projects that need to be done and volunteers are always welcome to assist.  These projects include painting, rescreening, lawn work, minor repairs etc.  Contact Wiawaka’s Executive Director, Meaghan Wilkins at 518-668-9690  to ask how you can assist.