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Mayflower Cottage
Mayflower Cottage

Overnight Rates
ates include meals and some classes*

Weekday overnight Sunday thru Thursday
Tier 1:  $170 per person
Tier 2: $145 per person
Tier 3: $115 per person

Weekend overnight Friday & Saturday
Tier 1:  $185 per person
Tier 2: $160 per person
Tier 3: $130 per person

Wiawaka  recognizes that women come from all walks of life and have different financial situations, therefore we have established tiered pricing. Your selection is confidential and all guests receive the same services, regardless of tier.

Tier 1: Angel Rate – Provides a considerable donation to Wiawaka and financially helps support our mission to provide our services to all women.

Tier 2: Giver Rate – Includes a modest donation that is beneficial to supporting Wiawaka.

Tier 3: Basic Rate – The basic rate, to cover the cost of a single stay

Wiawaka is committed to the belief all women deserve the opportunity to renew mind, body & spirit. If our overnight rates present a hardship, please contact us to apply for assistance from the Fuller Respite Program.

*Meals include dinner the day of your arrival through breakfast the day of your departure. Refer to our program calendar to see what classes and workshops are included.


Day Visit Rates
Any day during the season $15 per person
Includes full access to the property and entry into ONE class (i.e Pilates, yoga, journaling)
Season passes are also available. 

Day Room Rates
When available, day guests may rent a room for the day. The price is $50 for a single, $65 for a double and this includes your day pass.
(Season pass holders pay $45).

This allows you a place to rest, change, shower, store your belongings, or enjoy the tranquility of our guest houses.

A limited number of rooms are available each day, so please call the front desk (during the season) in advance to book a day use room. 518-668-9690 x 2


To make a reservation for an overnight or day visit, please call 518-668-9690.