Women’s Lecture Series

Each Tuesday this summer, join us for a delicious dinner followed by an interesting program, sure to intrigue and inspire.  Each lecture will feature a women with an interesting story to share. The schedule is listed below.

Dinner is served at 6pm at Fuller House. The program will follow immediately afterwards.  The price to attend is $16/per person for dinner.  The lecture series is free, however donations are appreciated and will be used to aid in our mission to enrich and inspire women of all walks of life.

Please call 518-668-9690 to register. Limited seating, so be sure to register well in advance.  Men may attend in July, if accompanied by a woman.

July 18 – History of the Sagamore with Carol McCarthy
travel-blog-sagamore-hotel-590x391Lake George and Millionaires’ Row has such rich history, stories and historical significance. Please join us for a journey of elegance and history while Carol McCarthy takes us on a virtual “tour” of the History of the Sagamore Hotel, originally built in 1883, and its adjacent properties. The glamour, tragedies, and struggles of this magnificent property through the years will be presented through a wealth of vintage photos.

Carol McCarthy is a Professor Emeritus in the Business Administration Department of Hudson Valley Community College in Troy. Ms. McCarthy is a strong women’s advocate and serves on the Board of Wiawaka. Carol is a frequent lecturer on the History of Millionaires’ Row and the History of the Sagamore Hotel. Carol has been fortunate enough to live on two of the Millionaires’ Row properties and has spent many years enjoying the splendor of the Sagamore Hotel.

This lecture/dinner is sold out

July 25 – Georgia O’Keefe Reenactment with Claire Nolan
Claire NolanGeorgia O’Keeffe once walked the grounds at Wiawaka, as a young artist searching for herself.  Join Claire Nolan, as she presents, in costume – Georgia. Get a special look at the person and life of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Claire is a storyteller and an historical re-enactor. She tells personal and literary stories as well as folk and fairytales. Telling the story of Georgia O’Keeffe is not only enjoyable for Claire  but it combines at least three of her passions: History, stories and the beauty of Lake George!

DINNER IS SOLD OUT – But you may still call to attend the lecture

August 1 – Self-Empowerment with Louise Finlayson, Ph.D
rsz_img_2470_-_copy-1Do you want to build inner confidence, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and step into your power? Learn how to focus on moving beyond self-limiting beliefs. Learn to fully embody your true essence. This talk will be a preview for a full day workshop being held on August 23rd. 

Louise M. Finlayson, Ph.D.  is a Harvard Medical School trained clinical psychologist, and transformational life/leadership/executive coach, who has been helping people for over 25 years. She is a highly skilled facilitator of spiritual growth and personal development.  She is a Certified Passion Test, and Passion Test for Business facilitator. In addition to her busy psychotherapy and coaching practice, she offers workshops, retreats and motivational speaking. http://louisefinlayson.com/

Dinner is Full but you may still call to attend the lecture

August 8 – Voice of the Mountains: Jeanne Robert Foster, an Adirondack Legacy  with Egan Mack

jeanne-robert-foster-letter03A neighbor said what a pity it was that the little girl was so homely; the young child took it as the truth. Born in the middle of the Adirondacks on a stormy March night in 1879, she wasn’t even supposed to live to childhood, yet Julie, later Jeanne, went on to become a model for Charles Dana Gibson and Harrison Fisher! And her image graced the cover of Vanity Fair. Not just another pretty face, she wielded a pen as a writer, a poet, reporter, and editor. She was an art agent who traveled the world to collect works of art for the New York City attorney, John Quinn, making her an unofficial ambassador for the United States as she explored Europe. She wined, dined, and conversed with the finest writers, artists and thinkers of her time, from William James to Ezra Pound. But she always a goodwill ambassador for her beloved Adirondacks and her neighbors of yesterday.

Eileen Egan Mack has put together a one-person show in which the actress
portrays Jeanne Robert Foster in the first person. This singer/storyteller
weaves stories, songs, and readings into an enthralling program that
transports the audience to another place and time. Eileen has brought
Jeanne to life in schools, libraries, theaters, and town halls across the
Adirondacks and from Austin, Texas to Dublin, Ireland. With support from
John Butler Yeats’ biographer, the late William Murphy, Jeanne’s
biographers, Richard and Janis Londraville, and the late Paul Schaefer, this
program is meant to highlight the life of an extraordinary woman who lived in
extraordinary times, from the wilderness of the Great North Woods to New
York City’s cosmopolitan life in its glory days of the early 20th century.
Jeanne’s work and life are honored in this show. While so much of women’s
roles has been hidden “behind the scrim” on history’s stage, this show is an
opportunity to share Jeanne’s light and life.

 August 15Alleviating stress in everyday life with Dorthee Racette
aibeiaiaaabecpctseen08lqpaeic3zjyxjkx3bob3rvkihkzjkxywnhmtqwowezotqwy2iwzgjhmmyyzdnhnmu4zde4zgzinmvjmafnv-vm-lrfjkphrxabcd0j883hvgStress typically does not bring out the best in us and can also affect our health, relationships, and work. This workshop presents effective ways to prevent and handle stress with proven time management strategies. Attendees will learn about manageable time planning to regain control of their day.

Dorothee Racette is a time management and productivity coach working in the Capital Region of New York. She owns and operates “Take Back My Day” and works with small business owners and creative professionals to improve workflow and workday organization.

August 22 – BITCHcraft ~  Embracing your fierce divine birthright as a spiritual women in the 21st century with Beth Tiger
Join Beth Tiger as she explores how defining ourselves as women can actually hinder or empower our experiences in our lives. What does it mean to be spiritual? Are there ways in which we can deepen our connection to the divine and one another? What does it mean to be an activist as well as a change agent in the 21st century? How can we respect one another’s differences and still make effective change. BITCHcraft is about owning all of who we are as women today and celebrating our connections as well as our differences fiercely through love, listening, conversation and collaboration.

Beth Tiger has been a professional coach & public speaker for over 11 years, with the central idea of her work being that each person is a divine being and already has what they seek within them. She loves creating opportunities for women to awaken to their incredible potential, but holds firm to the notion that she is merely a “doula” for those giving birth to their own miracles. In 2006, she created the Flying Solo series and from this work, she authored the Balboa best selling workbook Rising From The Ashes of Divorce. Beth is currently finishing up her second book, A Royal Remembering: Claiming your divinity and becoming the QUEEN of your own life, a book celebrating the joy & power of womanhood. She is also working on two other books that she hopes to finish in mid-2017. With her firm belief that service is a critical part of a joy filled life, in 2013 she co-founded Durga Tree International, a non profit that is working to end modern day slavery. Beth feels that FREEDOM and CHOICE are the foundation of “a life well lived”. She calls this work “A God/Goddess Plan” and the mission of her spirit. Along with her many other professional roles, she is now the Executive Director of this incredible organization that has already helped hundreds of survivors become thrivers. http://bethtiger.com/

August 29 – Women Who Made a Difference with Kate Dudding
downloadAward winning storyteller Kate Dudding shares stories of Julia Child, Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald, Congresswomen Martha Griffiths (the mother of the Equal Rights Amendment) and other women you’ve probably never heard of. But once you’ve heard their stories, you’ll never forget them.

Kate Dudding, an award winning storyteller, has told stories since 1995 anywhere people can gather to enjoy stories. A particular interest of Kate’s is giving people a voice from the past, people who have made a difference in their community, or in the world. http://www.katedudding.com