Writing Bootcamp

August 2-6, 2017

journal-writing-meA “boot camp” for writers, beginning with a thorough understanding of each participant’s creative nature on day one, then learning how to work with creative flow and motivation (calling up and sustaining the “muse” as the antidote to the myth of “writers block”). After grounding ourselves in those basic essentials, we move into the concept of willpower, and how to continually build the creative muscle by using it in a variety of ways to achieve the delicate balance between excess and deprivation. The program ends with the most critical elements of preparing for a creative life – the actual, every day pieces we must put into place in order to make space for our creativity – and then, finally, preparing for the masterpiece that has been awakened and fed throughout each lesson.

The retreat will be structured with a combination of journaling pre-bed work, early morning contemplation, workshopping each other’s writing, and engaging in group discussions both inside and outside, and we will finish with readings of work created during the week as a way of appreciating the power of creative community and collaboration.

Please call instructor Heather Haskins to register and pay the $150 class fee. Phone number is: 518-593-2802. Must register in advance (This does not include the Wiawaka fees, see below)

For Wiawaka day use, meals or overnight accommodations please call 518-668-9690. You may also click here to reserve these items as well.