Your Story is Sacred: An Authentic Writing Studio

deann-groupWhether one considers oneself a writer or not, everyone holds inside themselves experience, memories, fleeting images from the past as well as whole stories lived. This is the material that lies at the heart of all great writing and it is what we draw upon in this workshop.

We will spend most of our time writing. Without maps or plans, with simply the intuitive certainty that we have “something” inside of us, we pick up the pen or the keyboard to find out what that “something” is. We let the writing itself lead the way, trusting in the images from the past that appear, committing them to words as accurately as we can without hesitation.  In this way, the unexpected can happen and writing can become a means to discover and explore our truest selves.

Periods of writing alternate with opportunities to read what one has just written with responses given by the group specifically designed to support each writer in continuing, going further, writing again.  At the end of this workshop, participants have pages of strong new material and a heighted sense of who they are as writers, artists, and people.

The course will be held 10am-5pm on Sat., July 1 and 10am-1pm on Sun., July 2.

There is a $120 instructor fee for this course in addition to regular Wiawka fees.
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sept2016Teacher biography: Marta Szabo, MFA, is the author of the memoirs The Guru Looked Good and The Imposters. She has been co-director of Authentic Writing since 2000, a program founded in 1993 by the author and artist Fred Poole. She worked for many years as an editor in paperback and magazine publishing, lived in a yoga ashram for ten years, and lives now in Woodstock, NY.